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Ready TO Use - Premixed Gas + Oil
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Weedeaters, Blowers and Chainsaws
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    Is there anything special I need to do before I use 50Fuel?
A. We recommend that you drain your equipment of any old, unused fuel, then simply open your 50Fuel and pour it directly into your 2-cycle equipment.
Q.    Will 50Fuel affect the manufacturer’s warranty of my power equipment?
A. Absolutely not. Just be certain that you use the manufacturer's suggested ratio for your equipment.
Q.    Does 50Fuel go stale like the gas I currently have stored in my garage?
A. No. Special packaging technology is used to ensure 50Fuel's freshness. Also, the product is packaged in a sealed container which ensures high performance for a minimum of 2 years from the time you open the can.
Q.    What types of 2-cycle equipment will 50Fuel work in?
A. 50Fuel can be used in all air-cooled, 2-cycle equipment. Leaf blowers, line trimmers and chainsaws are the most common, but snow-blowers, small generators and air-cooled outboard engines will also benefit from the superior convenience and performance of 50Fuel.
Q.    Can I recycle 50Fuel containers after I have used them?
A. Yes. Please completely empty the container and then recycle them the same as you would any other steel can.
Q.    50Fuel is a great idea, why hasn’t this been done before?
A. Conventional gasoline from the gas station is not well suited for storage in sealed containers. 50Fuel’s patent pending formulation allows us to safely package gas & oil in a non-vented container. So not only are you getting fuel that optimizes the performance of your 2-cycle equipment, it is also manufactured for safety & convenience.
Q.    Where can I buy 50Fuel?
A. 50Fuel & 40Fuel are available at Ace Hardware, TruValue, Menards and other hardware chains. You can also call your local chainsaw shops. Of course you can order on-line and have the product sent directly to your home.
Q.    Can I use 50Fuel in my car?
A. No. We don't recommend it.
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