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Weedeaters, Blowers and Chainsaws
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Cranks the First Time

With fresh fuel every time

92 Octane
Cranks the First Time

50Fuel - Not Ordinary Gasoline

50Fuel and 40Fuel are engineered fuels designed to optimize the performance of 2-cycle engines like leaf blowers, weed eaters and chainsaws.

The patent-pending formulation starts with a special stream of high octane fuel that is very different from the gasoline you buy at the gas station. This unique fuel has been developed for exclusive use in 50Fuel and 40Fuel.

What does this mean to you? Your weed eater, leaf blower and chainsaw will start easier, run more efficiently and last longer.

Fresh Fuel Every Time

Every time you open a can of 50Fuel or 40Fuel you are getting fresh fuel, packing the performance you expect. Unlike vented gas containers, our ready-to-use fuel is packaged in a sealed container to ensure freshness upon opening.

In vented containers, gasoline can lose octane and vapor pressure, attract water, and in some cases separate into its base components. This deterioration occurs when the fuel is left unused in a vented container over the course of several months.

Not anymore... with 50Fuel or 40Fuel your fuel is always fresh and ready to use in your weed eater, leaf blower or chainsaw.

Easy Start Formula

When your leaf blower, weed eater or chainsaw won't start, it can be frustrating. Most people think their equipment is to blame, but difficulty in starting is usually a result of poor fuel and plug fouling.

With 50Fuel or 40Fuel, your weed eater, leaf blower and chainsaw start the first time every time! Our fuel is specially formulated to optimize performance of 2-cycle engines like weed eaters, leaf blowers and chainsaws. Technical specifications for vapor pressure and octane have been perfected, and our synthetic lubricant burns cleaner and reduces plug fouling.

With 50Fuel or 40Fuel your equipment will start easier and perform better.

50Fuel Eliminates Guess Work

The precise oil-to-gas ratio eliminates the need for mixing fuel and assures the right ratio every time. No more guess work! Just pour into your weed eater, leaf blower or chainsaw and go.

50Fuel Extends the Lifetime of Your Equipment

High performance fuel can help extend the lifetime of your weed eater, leaf blower or chainsaw. That's why our fuel is designed with a fuel stabilizer. With 50Fuel or 40Fuel you have fresh fuel every time. Plus, with a multi-year shelf life, your 2-cycle fuel is ready to use whenever you need it.
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