50 Fuel
Ready TO Use - Premixed Gas + Oil
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Weedeaters, Blowers and Chainsaws
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Please read all warnings and instructions prior to use

Opening Can
Each container of 50Fuel includes a re-sealable, child safety top. To open:
  1. Grasp can firmly
  2. Depress the safety tab
  3. Twist tab past the locking mechanism and unscrew

Remember, 50Fuel contains gasoline, so it's important to use extra care when handling. That's why our safety cap was designed to fit securely.

After each use, please screw the cap down tightly - make sure cap turns past the child proof locking clip.

Pouring 50Fuel
When pouring 50Fuel, we recommend that you always use a small funnel. Use a clean rag to wipe up any spilled liquid.

Store 50Fuel in a cool, well ventilated area.
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