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Success Stories

Works In Leaf Blowers. Works In Weedeaters. Works In Chainsaws.
" I love the convenience of 50Fuel. When it comes to yard work, I don’t like measuring and mixing my 2-cycle fuel– I always make a mess and end up smelling like gasoline. Worse, having to go to the gas station for gas and then the hardware store for oil always puts a crimp in my schedule. 50Fuel saves me time and my string trimmer & leaf blower have never run better."
Scott Massey
Ponte Vedra, FL

" I live on a 300 acre tract in east Texas and I have a shed full of 2-cycle equipment. I can say without hesitation that when I’m running 50Fuel my equipment starts immediately, runs smoother and there is no smoke. When I’m out on my property cutting wood or trimming fence line the last thing I want to do is carry a 5 gallon gas can with me. I grab a few quarts of 50Fuel and I’m good to go– 50Fuel is the real deal."
Daniel Moller, MD
E. Texas

" I sell and service chainsaws for a living. I have to admit that I was skeptical of 50Fuel when I first saw the product. Not anymore. My shop has sold over 100 cases of the stuff and I can tell you that my customers love the product. Personally, I know what ethanol does to these small engines– my repair shop is full of chainsaws and blowers that need their fuel lines replaced from the damage it causes. When I saw that 50Fuel was 91+ octane and contained no ethanol, I was sold too."
Joe Johnson
Owner - Ashley's Saw Shop
Shreveport, LA

" I have 3 small children, so my wife and I love the non-vented, child proof 50Fuel cans. Before 50Fuel, I had 2 gas cans in my garage along with oil bottles. Our garage smelled like gas and my wife hated the clutter. Now I keep a case of 50Fuel handy so I'm always ready to do my yard work, and I don’t worry about my kids getting into the gas cans."
Ken & Allison Brown
Cedar Rapids, IA

" It is a lot less trouble to get the grass cut now. No more trying to find a clean container to mix gas and oil. Not only is it a lot less trouble, it worked wonders on my 2-cycle trimmer. My trimmer was getting where it would not run. Like the carb was about stopped up. I poured in some 40 Fuel and started it up. I let it idle while I went around the house with the push mower. About 7 minutes later, to my suprise it was still running. I picked it up and pulled the trigger. My trimmer never ran so good. Its like better than new with lots of power. Since 40 Fuel uses synthetic oil, I will use it in my gas R/C planes. Nice Product!"
Tim Mitchell
LaGrange, GA

" I am 83 years old. I had been dreading trying to start my weed eater after it had spent the winter under my outdoor steps. Well, spring had arrived , and with the grass and weeds getting taller at the edge of my rose beds I decided to bite the bullet and get it out. To my dismay I had left about an inch of old mixture in the tank. I filled it with 50 Fuel, primed it, and to my amazement it started on the third pull; seemed to run with more power than when I bought it 5 years ago. This sold me on 50 Fuel."
Bill Tenney
Shreveport, LA

" My weedeater would not run for more than 30 seconds at a time. I pulled and pulled, wearing myself out and making the neighbor blush with my colorful language, but it just would not run. I took the carb apart and cleaned it as best I could, still nothing. I purchased the 40 fuel and ran some through and within minutes, my weedeater ran like a champ! I cut grass for a living and I now run 40 fuel in all my 2 cycle 40:1 equipment. Keep up the good work."
David Boulanger
Lafayette, LA

If you would like to share your success story about 50Fuel, we would love to hear from you.
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