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Synthetic Lubricating Technology

Formulated From Synthetic Components

Most 2-cycle engine oils are blended using base oils that are refined from crude oil. On a molecular level, these mineral base oils contain a wide range of chemically diverse materials that vary widely in their ability to lubricate, clean and burn effectively in the engine.

50Fuel and 40Fuel contain a synthetic lubricant that has been synthesized from pure starting materials to create virtually identical oil molecules. These synthetic oil molecules are designed specifically to provide optimized performance in the engine.

While the process of producing these base oils is more costly, the end result is a 2-cycle oil that has been specifically formulated to provide the best possible performance in your engine.

Bottom line – with 50Fuel or 40Fuel your 2-cycle equipment will perform better and it will last longer.

The First Smokeless Fuel

For years, 2-cycle equipment users have had to put up with the smoke from their engine exhaust. 50Fuel and 40Fuel use synthetic oil that burns so well that it produces very little visible soot or exhaust smoke. For this reason, 50Fuel and 40FUel are considered "smokeless" 2-cycle products, which is great for you and the environment.
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